Dynasties are alliances or groups that you can join with friends or strangers to take down other difficult Senseis.

Joining/Creating a DynastyEdit

To join a Dynasty, tap the Dynasty button from the main screen. From here you can either Join or Create a Dynasty.

Dynasty ChatEdit

Once in a Dynasty, tap the Speech Bubble button from the main screen to start chatting with fellow Dynasty members. Here you may also check the status of Dynasty events and donate troops to fellow members.

Troop DonationEdit

By building a Guest Hall, Dynasty members can send each other troops to help defend against enemy attackers. Once built, tap the Guest Hall and tap the Request Troops button. This request will appear in the Dynasty Chat Menu where fellow members may donate troops to your cause.

Dynasty EventsEdit

Participate in Dynasty events with your fellow members to destroy special Mongol bases for large amounts of resources. Dynasty events aren’t always available, so check in frequently to see when the next event will begin.