Sensei Wars Character Promo

Sensei Wars is a strategy game created by Cat Daddy Studios, whom are best known for creating strategy sims like School Tycoon.


Sensei Wars has two primary modes of play. In the defensive mode, players build their dojo, which is their main base, and fill it with buildings to house their people, farming land to grow crops and schools to train their army. Players also have to think about the defenses they employ to protect their base. These defenses come in the form of weapons and towers that can be built in strategic locations to fend off enemies. All units and weapons can be upgraded with currency earned through playing the game.

On the offensive front, players can take their armies into player-versus-player battles or player-versus AI battles. In these battles, the armies will attempt to tear down other people's dojos, destroy the defenses and breach dojo walls.

The main twist that Sensei Wars offers is the ability for the player to control their player avatar, The Sensei.



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